Wednesday, 22 June 2016

PANI SANTULA ( an awesome dish from Odisha)

Most Odiya dishes are famous for their simplicity , , low use of oil and spices and down to earth dishes.
There are 2 types of Santula , I will give the recipe of pani santula here. basically many types of vegetables are boiled and a post tempering of garlic , onion , chili and spice is given.

Any vegetable can be used. in Varied quantity 
here I have used
Potato 1 cut to 3/4th inch
Ol kofi ( Kohlrabi ) 1 small cut to 1/2 inch
Radish 1 cut to 1 inch
Pumpkin cut to 1 inch 8 pieces
Brinjal 1 cut to 1inch
 cauliflower cut 20 11/4 inch 6 pieces 
Sim 6 cut to 1 inch
french beans 6 cut to 1 1/2 inch
Greens of radish, ol kopi and stems of matured spinch ( Sish Palak) . greens are normally not added. I just added instead of throwing them

(Other vegetables that can also be added , Papaya, drumstick, sweet potato, ridge gourd, Patol , green banana / plantain etc etc . You can use 1 or 2 tomato )
Turmeric powder 3/4th tsp
Panch phodon 1 heap tsp
red dry chili 2 
green chili chopped 4 
garlic 8 cloves chopped 
small onion 1 inch dia , chopped fine.
Oil 2 tsp ( I use 2 tsp ghee) 

The following variation is also used in tempering , like use mustard seeds or a combination of mustard and jeera  in place panch phodon.
Some recipes use ginger in the tempering . All these variations give a slight different taste .
Heat minimum water, add turmeric and salt, When water comes to boil add vegetables in order of their softening point. Like add potato, radish and Ol kofi 1st and after few minutes add the other ingredients one by one. Brinjal will go in last. Cover and boil. DONT OVER BOIL the vegetables. Sufficient Water will be left with the vegetables. 

In a Khadai , heat oil / ghee , give tempering of red chili and panch Phodon. When the aroma comes add garlic, green chili soute for few seconds  and onion. Fry on high heat for few minutes ( onion to become light brown.)

Immediately add the tempering to the boiled vegetables and cover. Mix the tempering. 
Eat with rice or roti. 

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